NASA approaches the "ice flying saucer" lurking in Earth's sky.

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NASA promises to provide an "unprecedented view" of strange objects hovering high above Earth's atmosphere.

According to Space, NASA is about to launch a unique instrument, PolSIR, a radiometric device designed to study strange objects that form in the upper atmosphere, above the clouds they are in. we still see.

They are icy clouds shaped like a flying saucer or a giant, flat cake, which contain much significant information for our lives.


A pair of PolSIRs will be mounted on two satellites and launched into low Earth orbit, where they will have clear views of floating objects just above the subtropical and tropical sky.

The way they form and change reflect fluctuations in the global climate, but their hiding position above the clouds is often a challenge. Therefore, something needs to be approached from above.

"Study of ice clouds is crucial to improving climate forecasts. This is the first time we've been able to study ice clouds at this level of detail," - Deputy Administrator of the Board of Directors NASA Science Mission said.

The two satellites carrying two PolSIR will be CubeSat satellites. The pair will orbit three to nine hours apart, allowing for the continuous collection of data from these strange "ice-flying saucers."

PolSIR is part of an extensive series of missions called Earth Venture to explore Earth and improve its ability to predict future changes.

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