One of Minecraft's most popular servers is down after ten years

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Minecraft fans worldwide are shocked that the most popular server has officially closed permanently after a decade of accompanying players.

Minecraft has been around for more than a decade and brings together generations of gamers. In particular, the substantial community servers are where players meet friends. However, after 10 years with NHM, one of the top popular servers,  Mineplex, has officially stopped working. This information is currently shocking and makes many gamers feel regretful.


For those who don't know, the Mineplex server was created in 2013 by Gregory Bylos and Spujel. Since then, it has served as a meeting point for many Minecraft players around the world. 

Notably, this is inherently one of the top servers and also one of the few official Mojang partners. Mineplex had millions of active players at its peak and even set a Guinness World Record in 2015.


Mineplex's outage was announced on their Discord server. The head also said they were sorry to have to say goodbye and wished things would be different.

For many early Minecraft gamers, there's no doubt that the Mineplex server holds many nostalgic memories. Sorry about the above, but that's okay...! Mineplex will always be treasured in the memory of every player who has ever played. 


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