Scientists need clarification on a computer dating back more than 2,000 years.

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Since its discovery 120 years ago, the computer dating back more than two millennia, has puzzled scientists.

According to the BGR, an extremely complex computer from more than 2,000 years ago has left scientists unable to come up with an explanation since its discovery. The computer dubbed the "first computer" is called the Antikythera machine. It is a transient, first discovered in a shipwreck in Greece in 1901.


The researchers have determined that the machine is a manual run-timer. It uses a self-winding system to keep track of the sun, moon, and even the celestial times of the planets. Its ability to track the moon also acts as a calendar, helping track moon phases and even eclipse times. It's an old but highly complex technology that leaves scientists scratching their heads.

While a wind-powered watch sounds simple, the mechanisms used in this ancient calculator were ahead of their time. They're more technically complex than any tool we've discovered in the last 1,000 years. Unfortunately, the device is only 82 pieces, or about a third of the original structure.

The material here consists of 30 copper gears that have been eroded, so it won't be easy to understand how it works. However, the device has puzzled scientists because ancient people were able to create such a sophisticated tool, even though the technique is still rudimentary.


To get a better look at the device, experts at University College London used a 3D modeling system to solve the mystery of how the machine works.

This study revealed that the first computer was a "genius' creation." The researchers detailed their device and model in a new paper published in Scientific Reports, which interested readers can find here. Overall, the researchers believe the machine can track more than you might expect from an item made in that period.

These discoveries give us a unique and profound insight into the world of antiquity. For example, a recently discovered underwater temple has also provided many interesting information about the mysterious lives of people in the past.

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