The famous designer claims unexpectedly, AI can't create the story and plot in the game.

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He shares that AI technology has yet to be applied too much in creating engaging game storylines.

The plot, dialogues, and characters' interactions have been significant and irreplaceable in every game. A good game does not necessarily need a great story, but this is essential if you want to reach the ranks of blockbusters and blockbusters. And with the explosive development of AI over the years, many people wonder if it's time for AI - artificial intelligence that can write excellent game scenarios and storylines.

It will be difficult for AI to create interesting stories in games

This became more and more grounded with the emergence and widespread application of ChatGPT. There have been many opinions that in the future, the superiority of ChatGPT can replace game writers, creating scripts for blockbusters. However, according to David Gaider - who is very famous for creating the world and story of Dragon Age, the answer will be no. Even David gave extremely convincing evidence.

There used to be many developers experimenting, but most of them got unexpected results

Accordingly, he affirmed so because, according to David's source, Bioware - a famous game development company- has often experimented with relying on AI to write content routes and storylines for the game. Mine. However, this went nowhere. According to David, ChatGPT is completely writeable; only when assembling its story pieces everything becomes very pale and lifeless and does not bring any attraction to anyone. Ever read? In other words, AI can only work well in this field with human movement and control in the background. In other words, artificial intelligence can only be a catalyst, supporting but not replacing game writers.

A human hand is still needed behind the scenes for the application to be practical

BioWare is trying to create a database-driven system of pre-written lines instead of creating the text through a language model like ChatGPT did. But Gaider doubts that could make any difference, even as the technology improves. He concludes that it will still produce boring text, not exciting or suitable for the broader experience of blockbuster titles today. At least for now, the AI ​​will only generate generic content as a sort of aggregate of all the documents that have ever been included in its database.

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