These are the ten most common passwords to avoid in 2023.

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A list of the most popular passwords has been published today and explains why so many security breaches happen.

According to TechRadar, currently, passwords are still the most popular security authentication method, but there are always good and bad sides. Recently, the NordPass company published a list of the world's 200 most popular passwords, categorized by country or general usage, along with an estimated time for hackers to crack them. And it's not too surprising that the password "password" topped the list, followed by "123456" and "123456789".


Based on a three terabytes database of passwords, the team at NordPass teamed up with cybersecurity experts to compile a list of the most dangerous passwords currently in use across 30 countries. Accordingly, the most popular passwords today are:

1. "password", cracked in less than a second, is used by nearly 5 million people.
2. "123456", cracked in less than a second, 1.5 million users.
3. "123456789", cracked in less than a second, 413,000+ users.
4. "guest", cracked in 10 seconds, 376,000+ users.
5. "qwerty", cracked in less than a second, with 309,000+ users.
6. "12345678", cracked in less than a second, 284,000+ users.
7. "111111", cracked in less than a second, 229,000+ users.
8. "12345", cracked in less than a second, 188,000+ users.
9. "col123456", cracked in about 11 seconds, with over 140,000 users.
10. "123123", cracked in less than a second, 127,000+ users.

According to NordPass, the events that users participate in sometimes affect password generation. For example, "Tinder" is a popular password on ... Tinder. In addition, users tend to choose other familiar topics, such as sports team names, food, swear words, shopping brands, and video games.

In the US, the password "guest" comes in at number one, followed by "123456". The UK's top two choices are "password" and "123456". Some of the passwords in the list are selected by region of residence, such as "Liverpool" "amour" and "basketball" while others are a combination of two less secure passwords, such as "qwerty123", "123qwe", "password1" and "abcd1234".

After sharing the list, NordPass recommends that users choose a password manager instead of using a regular password. These programs have advantages, such as helping users to automatically enter information into the website when logging in and generating solid and difficult-to-crack passwords.


Even without using a password manager, NordPass offers recommendations for creating a password that is secure enough; these criteria include:

- Do not use the same password for different accounts.
- Periodically review accounts and determine how often they are used. Long-dormant accounts can pose a security threat because you won't be able to determine if they've been hacked.
- The most important thing is to evaluate the strength of the password. Recognizing which passwords are weak, reused, or outdated will help keep your account secure.

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