Ukrainian artillery hit the border, and Russia issued a curfew.

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Russian authorities accused the Ukrainian army of repeatedly using multiple rocket launchers to attack the country's border with Belgorod.

Self-propelled artillery of the Ukrainian army opens fire

Avia-pro's website on June 3 reported that the Russian military accused Ukraine of repeatedly carrying out rocket-launched rocket attacks against the border area of ​​the country's Belgorod region.

According to Avia-pro, the attacks by Grad multiple rocket launchers and Ukrainian artillery left at least two people dead and six injured. Many homes and infrastructure in Belgorod were also destroyed. One rocket landed just 400 meters from a local school.

Sirens sounded throughout the night in Belgorod following the raids. Specific information about the damage of the attack is being counted.

After the recent raids, authorities in the Belgorod region of Russia were forced to issue a partial curfew in  ​​​​the front town of Shebekinsky.

A house in the Belgorod region was damaged after the raid

Accordingly, vehicles, including cars and trucks, are prohibited from traveling on some roads in this town to ensure security. This curfew will be in effect until June 30 and will not apply to official vehicles.

Recently, Russian officials said Russia's Belgorod border region is often the target of Ukrainian attacks.

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) on June 1 confirmed that the country's military had repelled "a terrorist attack plan supported by Ukrainian authorities against the forward town of Shebekinsky in the Russian Federation."

According to the FSB, at around 3 a.m. on June 1, Moscow time, two Ukrainian motorized infantry companies supported by tanks tried crossing the Shebekino border. Ukrainian artillery also launched shelling to support this raid effort. However, the Ukrainian attack was thwarted by Russian border defense forces.

"Ukrainian terrorist groups were repelled and suffered heavy casualties. All territorial violations at the border are unacceptable," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 30 soldiers, four armored vehicles, a Grad multiple rocket launcher complex, and a Ukrainian military pickup were destroyed after the failed raid. Observers said the Belgorod border raid strategy forced the Russian army to disperse its defensive forces, weakening Moscow's defenses in Ukraine. This will create conditions for the counter-offensive campaign to regain Kyiv's territory soon.

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